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Kyani is a MLM opportunity that is looking to take advantage of the recent boom in the health and wllness industry. It was founded by Kirk Hanson, Carl Taylor and Dick Powell, as well as Dick’s sife Gayle.

Kyani product review

The company sells a healthy nutritional beverage called Kyani Sunrise, as well as supplement called Kyani Sunset and a Nitric Oxide supplement called NirtroFX. The products all use the powerful Alaskan blueberry as their staple, which is said to be up to 48% more powerful than a normal blueberry. The word Kyani means “strong medicine” in Tlingit-an Alaskan tribe that routinely consume the blueberry.

Sunrise is concentrated mix of 11 superfoods, including the powerful Alaskan blueberry. It contains antioxidants and designed to ease stress, maintain a healthy heart, ѕuрроrt the immunе system, increase energy, and facilitate brain function, аll with just one ounce per day.


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